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Syrian Army, Palestinian forces secure key highway in east Aleppo

2 June 2017 23:15


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is on a roll today in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, liberating more than a dozen villages that were under the occupation of the Islamic State (ISIL).

Led by the Tiger Forces, the Syrian Arab Army began the day by storming the southwestern countryside of the Maskanah Plain; this would result in the capture of eight villages, including Al-Hamra, and Jubb Al-Hammam.

Following the capture of these aforementioned sites by the Tiger Forces, the Syrian Arab Army would liberate six more villages from the Islamic State; these were identified as the following:

  • Al-Kalitah
  • Al-Sawaniyah
  • Kawas
  • Al-Mezzeh
  • Al-‘Ajouziyah
  • Al-Wasitiyah

In addition to the liberation of these villages, the Syrian Arab Army also captured the Faysal Bridge after a short battle with the Islamic State.

Meanwhile, just east of the Khanasser Highway, the Palestinian-led Liwaa Al-Quds (Jerusalem Brigade) units liberated the large hilltop of Tal Al-‘Alam, forcing the Islamic State to abandon their positions near this vital government supply route.

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