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Zionist gang ISIS artillery pounds Syrian Army villages in eastern Hama

2 June 2017 23:19


With the Islamic State losing territory across literally all frontlines in Syria, its militants have begun to rely increasing on artillery and mortar fire to repel forces hostile to the caliphate.

In a new batch of photos released by Amaq Agency, ISIS fighters in the eastern Hama countryside are depicted shelling villages controlled by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) from afar.

Despite enquiring with multiple military sources, Al-Masdar News was not able to obtain any information regarding SAA casualties due to ISIS shelling on Friday.

Meanwhile, large-scale SAA offensives are currently underway against ISIS in the Palmyra region, the Khanaser Plains and Maskanah Plains, rendering jihadist militants unable to hold their ground due to the extented frontline.


Source: AMN

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