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Labour could be on course for shock election victory: Poll

3 June 2017 16:27


Britain’s main opposition Labour Party could be on course for a stunning election victory if the voters considered least likely to vote decide to cast their ballot next week.

The Ipsos Mori survey, released on Saturday, shows the ruling Conservative Party has a 5-point lead over Labour, but it reveals a different result for “all giving a voter intention,” putting the opposition party three pints ahead of the Tories.

The poll is based on a sample of 1,046 likely voters asked about their voting intentions between May 30 and June 1.

Pollsters said they “introduced an adjustment to allow for respondents’ over-claiming their likelihood to vote, based on evidence of validated votes from the British Election Study in previous elections.”

According to another poll released on Thursday, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is London’s favorite candidate for the British prime minister as his party has opened a 17-point lead over the Conservatives in the capital.

Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May speaks during a campaign event at Thornhill Cricket and Bowling Club in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire on June 3, 2017, ahead of the June 8 general election. (Photo by AFP0 

The YouGov poll, commissioned by the Evening Standard, sees Corbyn overtake Prime Minister Theresa May as the preferred choice to lead the country among Londoners.

This is a remarkable change in fortunes for Labour, which was 24 points behind the ruling party when the snap general election was called in April by Prime Minister May. The general election will be held on June 8.

All recent polls have shown that the opposition led by Corbyn has made significant gains in recent weeks. The Tory lead is crumbling as Election Day is approaching, while seat projections still point to a hung parliament.

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