Over 1,200 ISIL Terrorists Killed in Syrian Army’s Recent Advances in Eastern Aleppo


Syria’s state media said on Saturday that over 1,200 ISIL terrorists have been killed and hundreds more have been wounded in the ongoing operation of the Syrian army in Eastern Aleppo that has resulted in the liberation of tens of towns and villages so far.

The Syrian state news agency said that the army soldiers engaged in fierce clashes with ISIL and drove them out of the villages of al-Eisalan, al-Qar, Maskana wheat silos, al-Aajouziyeh, al-Mahmoudiyeh, al-Feisaliyeh and al-Tayebeh today.

It reported that the army men’s fresh operation in Eastern Aleppo has resulted in the liberation of 22 villages and farms and the killing of over 1,200 ISIL terrorists, adding that hundreds more have also been wounded in the clashes.

The agency added that 10 senior commanders, including Abu Hazifi Libya’yee, the commander of ISIL in Eastern Aleppo are among the terrorists killed in the recent operation.

In the meantime, 12 command posts, 101 military vehicles, 4 tanks, 2 BMP vehicles and 7 cannons of ISIL have also been destroyed.

Military sources said earlier today that the army troops continued their anti-ISIL operation to recapture the strategic town of Maskana in Eastern Aleppo and managed to take back 10 villages and regions, adding that the pro-government forces have gained control over the Raqqa-Maskana highway.

The sources said that the army men engaged in fierce clashes with ISIL and drove them out of the villages of Doweirineh, al-Balisiyeh, Um Hajra, al-Morteza al-Qadimiyeh and al-Sharideh in Eastern Aleppo.

The sources went on to say that the army arrived at the Raqqa-Maskana highway and imposed control over the highway after liberating the said villages.

The army units also pushed ISIL back from the village of Rasm al-Qazal North of Maskana and the villages of al-Kalateh, Um Rojol, al-Mawaniyeh, al-Khefeh and Khirbet al-Fakhah South and South-West of the town of Jubb al-Homam in Eastern Aleppo.

In the meantime, the Russian fighter jets pounded ISIL’s positions in the village of al-Joweim East of Aleppo and in the neighbohoods of al-Badou, al-Rehaniyeh and Kajali in Maskana city.

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