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Trump’s approval ratings continue to fall, polls show

4 June 2017 18:47


A new poll suggests that US President Donald Trump’s approval rating has dropped to its lowest level since he took office in January.

A national daily-tracking poll from Gallup shows that Trump’s rating as of Sunday has dropped to a negative 20-point differential between those who approve and disapprove of him.

According to the poll, 37 percent of voters endorsed his performance as president, while 57 percent did not support him.

Two other tracking polls carried out by Rasmussen and Survey Monkey showed similar results. All three polls show the president’s disapproval marks outweighing his approval by double digits.

Trump’s approval and favorability are already historically low at this point in his presidency.

The new surveys reflect people’s reaction to Trump’s decision to pull his country out of the historic Paris Climate Agreement.


Most recent polls suggested that about seven out of 10 Americans were in support of the international climate accord.

In a swift rebuttal to Trump, a group of American governors, mayors and companies have expressed support for the Paris deal.

In addition to Trump’s withdraw from the Paris agreement, many American are angry at his alleged ties with Russia and the firing of former FBI Director James Comey.

Activists carrying placards and shouting slogans march in Los Angeles on June 3, 2017, during the so-called March For Truth. (AFP photo)

On Saturday, protesters took to the streets across the United States, calling for an independent commission to investigate the Trump administration’s alleged ties to Russia and demanding that Congress force Trump to release his tax returns.

Two recent polls released last week show Trump’s approval rating stagnating or declining and doubts rising about his credibility.

The latest survey by Quinnipiac shows 54 percent of voters say Trump is abusing the powers of his office while 59 percent say Trump is dishonest.

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