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Syrian Army Purges Eastern Aleppo of ISIL Terrorists

5 June 2017 16:07


The Syrian Army troops have established control over the entire territories in the Eastern part of Aleppo province after capturing ISIL’s last stronghold in the province yesterday, military sources said on Monday.

The sources said that the army troops in their operations in Eastern Aleppo managed to drive ISIL out of over 250 villages and several strategic towns and regions, including Kuweires, Deir Hafer, Rasm Harmal al-Imam, al-Khafseh, Maskana. Tadif, and the strategic airbases of Kuweires and al-Jarah.

They added that the soldiers have advanced against ISIL in an area covering over 3,000sq\km in Eastern Aleppo while an area as large as 6,700 sq/km has been cleaned so far of terrorists in Eastern Aleppo.

The Syrian army captured the strategic town of Maskana as the last ISIL stronghold in Aleppo province on Sunday.

Following clashes with ISIL terrorists in Eastern Aleppo, the Syrian army captured tens of villages and towns in areas surrounding the key Maskana town and eventually forced a large number of terrorists in Maskana to retreat towards Raqqa.

The army troops also managed to seize control over the water pumping stations and electricity generators of the region and also regained control over the mountains along the Maskana-Raqqa road.

A military sources said following the liberation of Maskana as ISIL’s last bastion in Eastern Aleppo, it seems that ISIL’s presence in the province came to end and the Syrian troops practically ended the Takfiri terrorists’ presence in the province.

Meantime, a battlefield source said that in view of the geographical location of Maskana which links Eastern Aleppo to Badiyeh (desert), the Syrian army would most probably move towards Badiyeh and other army units would also move towards the Eastern countryside of Hama province to help the Syrian soldiers in the newly-started military operations in the region.

By taking control of Maskana, the Syrian troops are on the verge of entering Raqqa province.

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