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Hamas: Escalated settlement activity outcome of Trump’s Israel visit

7 June 2017 23:56


The escalated pace of Israel’s settlement activity is the by-product of Donald Trump’s Israel visit, Hamas said Tuesday.

Hamas spokesman Abdul Latif al-Kanou’ attributed the swift upsurge in Israel’s illegal settlement construction, embodied by the government’s recent approval of a bid to construct 1,000 settlement units on Palestinian land in the West Bank, is the outcome of a recent stopover by the pro-Israel US President Donald Trump.

According to al-Kanou’, Trump’s visit gave Israel a green light for more crimes and land-grab schemes against the Palestinians.

“This is a dangerous escalation aiming to tear the West Bank from limb to limb and to Judaize the holy city of Occupied Jerusalem,” warned al-Kanou’. “The fallouts of the visit are a blow on the face of those who continue to lay a bet on futile peace talks and on the US role.”


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