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Iraqi troops liberate 21 villages on the border with Syria, ISIS expelled from Al-Baaj region


After imposing full control over the Islamic State stronghold of Al-Ba’aj, the Popular Mobilization Units managed to wrestle control of 21 villages and 3 housing complex in barely 48 hours.

Continuing the rapid border offensive in western Nineveh, the predominately Shiite PMU captured the villages of Um Thebaa, Al-Sada Zobaa, Threy Awsat, Tawal, Tall Masada, Al-Nimla, Al-Dwilam, Al-Salhyia, Wasme AlMaroki, Al-Jaer, Abhiri, Al-Rawi, Al-Foarat, Tall Rem, Hasnan, Um Khrab, Abu Raseen, Monas, Monas, Tall Ghazal, Bothat Al-Madfaae, Jaghaify.

A PMU source also told Al-Masdar News that their forces had captured the housing complex of Hamdanyia, Al-Khabaza and Al-Reala.

Effectively, the PMU has secured a large section of the border with Syria. Next, the Iraqi forces under Hadi Al-Ameri’s leadership will strike southwards in a bid to reach the Anbar governorate and cutoff ISIS militants in Iraq from the Deir Ezzor governorate.

Elsewhere in the embattled country, the Iraqi Air Force neutralized 30 ISIS insurgents in the Hawija pocket after dozens of sorties were conducted on Tuesday, targeting the main sharia court and numerous gun positions.

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