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Syrian Army repels waves of Islamic State attacks in Deir Ezzor

9 June 2017 17:30

Beginning shortly after midnight on Friday, ISIS militants stormed trenches and strongpoints controlled by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) around the embattled Panorama roundabout west of Deir Ezzor city.

With clashes persisting throughout the night and early morning hours, the SAA repelled numerous jihadist attacks and recovered all points lost to jihadists under the cover of darkness.

At least 20 ISIS militants were killed during the firefights, many of whom lay dead in a no-mans zone between the warring parties. Five corpses were retrieved by the SAA whom took their weapons as spoils of war, then handed the Kalashnikov guns over to pro-government tribal forces.

Meanwhile, the SAA’s artillery units unleashed hell on ISIS positions at the Thardah mountain, Al-Baghiliyah village, Al-Janenah town and Al-Arfi neighborhood, resulting in the destruction of a makeshift hospital and command center.

Russian and Syrian warplanes are also highly active over Deir Ezzor today with airstrikes hammering ISIS supply lines, forward positions, sniper nests and mortar guns.

Nevertheless, the current situation around the Panorama roundabout remains favorable to ISIS as the SAA lacks armored vehicles while government forces are yet to retrieve the Panorama farms, Panorama school and adjecent SyriaTell hill, three important sites which the Islamic State captured last week.

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