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Iran’s Aseman Airlines Finalizes Contract to Buy 60 Boeing Passenger Planes

11 June 2017 11:29


Iran’s Aseman Airlines signed the final contract with giant US aviation company, Boeing, on Saturday to purchase 60 passenger planes.

Aseman finalized the contract to buy 60 Boeing 737 passenger planes in the presence of Iran’s Labor Minister Ali Rabiyee and representatives of the US company in Tehran today.

Based on the agreement, 5 to 10 of these passenger planes are due to be delivered to Aseman airlines in 2019.

Boeing 737 MAX planes – that would enter service in the second half of 2017 – have a passenger capacity of 130 people and are specifically adequate for domestic and regional flights.

The planes that Aseman Airlines has purchased from Boeing would increase the company’s passenger transportation capacity to above 8,000 seats.

Iran Air said in December 2016 that it had finalized an agreement with Boeing to buy 80 new planes. The company accordingly announced that Boeing would start to deliver the planes in 2018 and the deliveries would be completed within 10 years.

Iran has already received the first three of a total of 100 Airbus planes that it has purchased from the European company through an agreement worth around $18 billion. More deliveries are expected to take place over the next months.

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