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Navy Official: Iran to Give Destructive Response to Supporters of Terrorists

11 June 2017 17:30


A senior official of the Iranian Navy condemned the last Wednesday terrorist attacks in Tehran which killed 17 people, and warned the enemies and supporters of terrorist groups to wait for Iran’s crushing and destructive response.

“The world arrogance and the reactionaries in the region should know that the Iranian soldiers are always vigilant and if anyone wants to disturb the country’s tranquility and create problems and pains for people, he/she will receive a hard response by the Armed Forces, a destructive and very hard response,” Head of the Iranian Navy’s Ideological-Political Department Mozaffarinejad said on Sunday.

He underlined that the enemies cannot create horror in the hearts of the Iranian people by such terrorist attacks.

Three unknown male assailants fired several rounds at the guards protecting the parliament building in Tehran on Wednesday morning. The assailants opened their way into the parliament’s administrative building while shooting at the guards.

A similar attack took place at the holy shrine of the late founder of the Islamic Republic, Imam Khomeini, parallel with the parliament attack.

17 people, including the parliament’s guards, were killed and 52 others were wounded in the twin attacks.

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) in a statement issued on Wednesday afternoon vowed to take revenge for the twin terrorist attacks in Tehran.

“The public opinion in the world, specially the Iranian nation sees this terrorist action that happened a week after the joint meeting of the US president with the heads of one of the reactionary regional states that has constantly been supporting Takfiri terrorists as to be very meaningful, and believes that ISIL’s acknowledging the responsibility indicates their complicity in this wild move,” the IRGC statement said.

The powerful military force further warned that it would not miss a single moment to avenge the incident, saying, “The IRGC has proved that it would not leave unanswered the shedding of innocent blood and it ensures the Iranian nation that it will not hesitate even for a moment to protect the country’s national security and the lives of the dear people, as it killed all these terrorists with the help of the Law Enforcement Force today.”

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