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Syrian Army Foils US Plan to Access Deir Ezzur

11 June 2017 17:28


Military sources said that a US plan to move its affiliated militants towards Deir Ezzur city was thwarted after the Syrian Army troops advanced against militants and arrived at the border with Iraq and meantime by-passed US-backed militants in the town of Hamimeh.

The sources said that the US bases in al-Tanf border-crossing, al-Zaviriyeh and al-Zakaf have are no more useful for the launch of military operations after the Syrian Army troops arrived at the country’s border with Iraq.

The sources further said that the Syrian army will soon start a large-scale operation in Deir Ezzur, and underlined that deployment of the Syrian forces at the border with Iraq made a strong long barrier in front of the US-backed militants, stopping their advance towards Deir Ezzur.

In the meantime, the Syrian army units are near the town of al-Sukhnah in Eastern Homs and are advancing in the region towards the Western part of Deir Ezzur province.

The sources pointed out that the Syrian Army soldiers deployed in Eastern Syria are deployed only 20km away from the US forces concentration points, while the US-led coalition is threatening the Syrian units with military attacks if the latter comes any closer than 55km to the US-led forces’ positions.

The Russian General Staff announced on Saturday that the Syrian government troops established control over a part of the country’s border with Jordan.

The Syrian army controlled 105 kilometers of the Syria-Jordan border and already installed nine checkpoints, the commander of the Russian grouping in Syria, Col. Gen. Sergei Surovikin said, Sputnik reported.

“As part of the advance of the Syrian army on Daesh’s positions, the control over 105 kilometers of the Syrian-Jordanian border has been restored,” he added.

“The efforts of the government forces on establishing full control over the Syrian-Jordanian border and the border with Iraq continue,” he said, adding that a reconciliation process between tribes controlling the area was underway.

The Syrian army troops defeated large groups of ISIL terrorists in the past month, and the terrorists suffered substantial losses, Surovikin said

“Over the last month, the government troops have been successful in the Northeast of the Aleppo province, near Palmyra, Eastern Qalamoun and in the South of Syria, they actively operate, moving along the Syrian-Jordanian border and the border with Iraq. As a result, large groups of ISIL were defeated, while the enemy suffered significant losses in manpower and equipment,” Surovikin added.

Surovikin pointed out that just in a month they managed to liberate 109 settlements and 3,922 square kilometers (1,514 square miles) of the territory.

Earlier, Syrian President Bashar Assad announced that the Syrian government had intel suggesting that Jordan was planning to deploy troops in Syria in coordination with the US.

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