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Tens of Gunmen Receive Gov’t Amnesty in Northeastern Syria

11 June 2017 12:24


Local officials reported that tens of militants that had handed over their weapons to the Syrian Army and endorsed the peace agreement with Damascus have received government pardoning in Hasaka city.

The sources said that the Syrian government granted amnesty to fifty gunmen that surrendered to the army men and applied for pardoning in Hasaka city in the framework of the reconciliation plan and implementation of pardoning decree No.15 in 2016.

Local officials confirmed last week that in line with implementation of the peace agreement in Barzeh district over 150 militants that had handed over their weapons to the Syrian Army received government amnesty.

The officials added that application forms of the remaining pockets of militants in Barzeh will be studied in the next few days.

The officials further added that 500 gunmen that refused to join the peace plan in Barzeh are to leave the district along with their family members on 20 buses for other militant-held regions.

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