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Syrian Army Reinforcements Pour into Hama as Anti-Terrorism Mission Intensifies

12 June 2017 18:06


Military sources in Eastern Hama confirmed that the Syrian Army has dispatched hundreds of fresh forces and over a hundred military vehicles to intensify anti-ISIL operation in the province.

The sources said that simultaneous with heavy attacks of the army’s artillery and missile units and the Syrian and Russian fighter jets air raids on ISIL’s defense lines in Hama, a long convoy of army vehicles with hundreds of reinforcements has arrived in the province.

The sources further said that the Syrian and Russian forces have advanced significantly against terrorists in recent days and pushed them back from several strategic positons.

The Syrian and Russian forces, backed by the two countries’ warplanes, started a new phase of military operations to expel the ISIL from Eastern Hama in a bid to secure the strategic city of al-Salamiyah.

Based on reports, the Russian Special Forces, backed by Moscow Air Force, also participated in the military operations in Eastern Hama.

A military source underlined the army’s advance in the region, and said the operations will continue in Aqayrabat region as well.

Aqayrabat region includes tens of villages and towns that is ISIL’s main base in the province and is used by the terrorists to attack the army positions in al-Salamiyah.

According to earlier reports, the fresh troops of the Syrian army along with the Russian marines were dispatched to Eastern Hama for this large-scale operation.

Days ago, the Syrian army dispatched a large number of fresh forces to Hama as Damascus troops started a new phase of military operation to drive ISIL out of the province.

Hundreds of fresh forces arrived in Eastern Hama to help the Syrian army in its anti-ISIL campaign, as pro-government forces started an offensive to liberate Aqayrabat town, the main bastion of the Takfiri terrorists in the region.

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