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Syria in Last 24 Hours: Army Regains Control of More Areas in Homs

14 June 2017 16:09


The Syrian army continued its advances in Homs, and captured more strategic regions in the province.

The army units drove the ISIL terrorists out of key areas and their surrounding areas in Homs province.

The Syrian troops inflicted heavy losses on the terrorists in fierce clashes over controlling of strategic regions. They also destroyed military equipment of the terrorists.

The Syrian army also continued its advances in other key provinces across Syria.


The Syrian army forces extended the range of their advances in Eastern Homs, seizing back control of a 100-sq/km area.

The Syrian soldiers regained control of the area in the Southern and Northeastern parts of Palmyra (Tadmur) after heavy clashes with the ISIL terrorists in Palmyra desert in Eastern Homs.

The army units inflicted heavy tolls on the ISIL terrorists during the operations and destroyed some of their military vehicles.

Meantime, the army forces won back control of a number of mountains overlooking Arak region.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Syrian army, backed by the country’s air force, continued its military operations against the ISIL in Eastern Homs, and in rapid advances forced the terrorists to withdraw from vast areas near the Arak energy field Northeast of the ancient city of Palmyra.

The Syrian army had made massive advances towards Arak energy zone from different directions in Badiyeh (desert) region on Monday.

The army units made major advances Northeast of Palmyra as other units also took control of new regions Northeast of Station 4 in Eastern Homs.

“The Syrian troops recaptured several regions in Zahour al-Qanaem North of Abu Kaleh dam in Eastern Homs,” a military source said.

The ISIL sustained heavy losses in the army’s attacks and the terrorists’ military vehicles and equipment were also destroyed.


The army has strengthened security along the strategic Khanasser-Ithriya road as it played a vital role in its recent operations in Aleppo province, a commander said on Tuesday.

The senior army commander who asked to remain unnamed said that recently, the Khanasser-Ithriya road has witnessed massive ISIL attacks and the terrorists attacked the trade and military convoys with the aim of cutting the Syrian army’s supply route and preventing its advances.

Also, the ISIL intended to reduce pressures in battlefields in Salamiyeh and in the depth of Badiyeh regions after sustaining heavy defeats in Homs and Hama.

Meantime, the commander added that the Syrian army, supported by the Syrian air force, has regained control of several hills and mountains near Khanasser-Ithriya road, including al-Tawihineh mountains in the Northeastern parts of the road which borders Aqayrabat region.

Also, the army forces have been able to advance in the depth of Khanasser-Ithriya road from the Eastern parts of Aleppo and reinvigorated security along the road.


The Syrian army intensified anti-ISIL military operations in Eastern Hama, decreasing its distance from the terrorist group’s last bastion in Badiyeh (Desert) area in Syria.

The army troops launched massive operations in Eastern Hama, retaking control of a number of points and heights near militant-controlled Aqayrabat in Eastern Hama, as ISIL’s last and most important base in Badiyeh.

A military source said that the Syrian forces have retaken military control of several villages and towns in Eastern Hama after this advance, crippling the ISIL moves effectively and tightening the noose on them in Badiyeh; specially when other Syrian forces have reached the borders with Iraq.

The source also added that the Syrian forces are less than 30km away from Aqayrabat.

Meantime, the Syrian army is concurrently launching operations in the mountains of Eastern Palmyra and Eastern al-Salamiyeh region from Sheikh Hilal road, advancing in certain areas.

Reports said earlier on Tuesday that the Syrian army soldiers backed by the country’s air force continued their military operations against the ISIL in the Eastern countryside of Hama and recaptured new areas.

The Syrian troops stationed in Eastern Hama engaged in clashes with the ISIL terrorists and regained control of several regions in the direction of the oil pipeline Southeast of the town of Aqarib in Eastern Hama as reinforcement forces and equipment were dispatched to the region.

In the meantime, the Syrian army’s artillery and missile units backed by the country’s air forces targeted ISIL’s military positions in al-Barqoutiyeh, Arshouneh, Salam, al-Haradaneh and Eastern direction of oil pipeline.

The Russian choppers called as ‘flying tanks’ also hit hard ISIL’s military positions in al-Barqoutiyeh and al-Haradaneh villages and inflicted heavy casualties and losses on the terrorists.

Russian bombers also created hell for ISIL in areas between al-Salamiyah and the militant-controlled Aqayrabat in Eastern Hama, killing 20 Takfiri militants and destroying 5 vehicles.

The Syrian and Russian fighter jets carried out a number of combat flights over ISIL’s supply lines to the strategic town of Aqayrabat on Monday as Army troops continued operation in Eastern Hama to expel terrorists from the region.


The predominantly Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), also known as Euphrates Rage Operation troops, continued their military operations against the ISIL, and managed to get closer to the center of Raqqa city.

“The SDF forces are now in full control of over 70 percent of al-Sana’a region in Raqqa and have stationed in the surrounding areas of the old city of Raqqa,” the media activists reported on Tuesday.

The media activists said that if the SDF regains control of al-Sana’a region, the Kurdish forces will come very close to the city center.

Meantime, the clashes between the Kurdish forces and the ISIL terrorists are still underway in around Hatin al-Sha’abi in Western Raqqa.

This is while the SDF forces are still in full control of al-Romanieh and Hatin districts.

Deir Ezzur

ISIL went on alert after nearly a dozen members of the terrorist group were killed by unknown assailants inside their positions in Eastern Syria, media reports said.

A number of unknown raiders attacked a positon of ISIL in al-Salehiyeh region in the suburban area of Bu Kamal region in Eastern Deir Ezzur, the Arabic-language al-Watan newspaper reported.

The newspaper said that 11 ISIL terrorists, including their senior services commander Abu Maryam al-Shami, were killed in the city of Mayadin in the attack by the rival group.

The incident came as assassination of ISIL terrorists in Deir Ezzur has intensified. Only a few days ago several people fired at ISIL terrorists in al-Shaitat region and torched their tires.

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