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Takfiris attack in south Hama ends in a failure with high casualties sustained

19 June 2017 13:58


Violent firefights outbroke in southern Hama countryside on Sunday when jihadist militants of Jaish Al-Tawhid alongside with Ahrar Al-Sham and local “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) units launched an attack on positions held by Syrian Army (SA) in Hawsh Qubibat town.

Taking advantage of the surprise factor, jihadists managed to make several advances capturing 2 checkpoints and imposing control over approximately half of the town after intense firefights with government forces.

However, not so long after that, SAA backed by Syrian Air Force began a counterattack ultimately recapturing all the points that had been lost previously.

More than 10 militants were reportedly killed in clashes, including Ahmad Abd Al-Salam Bakkour, top military commander of Jaish Al-Tawhid (see photo):

The situation at the frontline in southern Hama countryside has remained relatively calm for several months, as this area bordering northern part of Homs province is a long-standing scene of positional warfare.

Nevertheless, the video footage recently published by Ahrar Al-Sham demonstrated the group’s fighters partaking in intensive combat training course in a military camp somewhere in northern Homs, with Ahrar Al-Sham stating that the militants are ready to fight against Syrian Army.

There is a possibility that Sunday’s jihadist attack in south Hama is somehow linked to the aforementioned statement.

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