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Syrian Army launches major offensive in Jobar suburb of Damascus city

20 June 2017 12:47


Syrian government forces launched major military operation in Jobar suburb in eastern Damascus, on Tuesday, in a bid to capture this long-standing stronghold of Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS, Syrian Al-Qaeda branch).

Prior to the ground attack, Russian Air Force (RuAF) alongside with Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) targeted HTS positions in Jobar, Ayn Tarmah and Zamalka with heavy bombardment that was ongoing since predawn hours.

In the morning, units of the 105th Brigade of Republican Guard backed by National Defense Forces (NDF) of Damascus commenced the assault storming HTS positions at 2 axis simultaneously, namely in Jobar itself and in East Ghouta rural area, where government forces broke through the first line of HTS defenses capturing multiple building blocks and advancing 400 metres deep into the tightly built-up town of Ayn Tarmah.

At Jobar axis, SAA managed to advance in Taibah sector, with preliminary reports indicating that some building blocks have been captured here, too.

In the meantime, HTS jihadists retaliated by shelling Damascus city with more than 20 home-made missiles that fell in different districts of Syrian capital killing at least 4 civilians and injuring ten others.

Jobar has remained the last stronghold of jihadists in east Damascus since SAA restored full control over Qaboun and Barzeh districts earlier in May.


Source: AMN

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