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Zionism most malignant form of terrorism in history: Larijani


Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani addressed the people in Quds Day rallies in Tehran, saying there is no event as sinister as the creation of Zionist regime in the course of history.

“Once again you answered the call of late Imam Khomeini on the Quds Day and boasted a glorious scene of religious honor to the world,” said Ali Larijani to the people attending the Quds Day rallies in Tehran.

“There is no event as sinister as the creation of Zionist regime in the course of history,” asserted the Parliament speaker in his speech at the end of rallies marking the annual Quds Day. “There is no analogy in the history the way they dislocated a nation and committed crimes to make and form Israel.”

“The establishment of this regime pinpoints the start of adventurism in the region and has got all Islamic countries involved,” underlined the Iranian legislator,

Saying that Muslim nations are facing a plot, Larijani highlighted that the Jews live in Iran but they hate Zionism.

He quoted Hillary Clinton saying that the US created the ISIL and added that the Americans who committed countless crimes in Afghanistan are now supporting al-Nusra front because they are the offspring of Zionism.

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