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Army Sends Special Forces, Advanced Military Equipment to Hama

30 June 2017 14:58


The Syrian army dispatched a large number of its special forces and state-of-the-art military equipment to accelerate anti-ISIL operations in Eastern Hama.

A large convoy of reinforcements comprised of Desert Hawks arrived in the Eastern territories of Hama province to take part in the anti-ISIL military operation in Eastern Salamiyah.

A military source said that two other convoys of Desert Hawks will also join the Syrian soldiers soon to start the new phase of the operations in Hama.

The source added that a number of T-90 tanks have also been sent to Hama to be used for anti-ISIL operations.

Days ago, hundreds of fresh forces arrived in Eastern Hama to help the Syrian army in its anti-ISIL campaign, as pro-government forces started the first phase of an offensive to liberate Uqayrabat town, the main bastion of the Takfiri terrorists in the region.

The Syrian and Russian forces, backed by Damascus and Moscow aircraft, carried out a large-scale joint operation in Hama province to hit ISIL’s defense lines East of the town of al-Salamiyah in the weekend and early this week.

According to reports, pro-gov’t forces have begun first phase of its military operation to liberate the Eastern countryside of al-Salamiyah, which has been under the ISIL control for more than two years.

Based on reports, the Russian Special Forces, backed by Moscow Air Force, also participated in the military operations in Eastern Hama.

Liberation of Uqayrabat region is a main objective of the Syrian and Russian forces’ operation in Eastern Hama, as Uqayrabat is considered ISIL’s main stronghold in the province that is located along the terrorist group’s main supply route to the Raqqa province.

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