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Terrorist israeli Air Force Launches Airstrikes against Syrian Army Positions in Quneitra for the third time in the past few days

30 June 2017 14:24


Zionists’ warplanes, for the third time in the past few days, attacked the Syrian army positions in Quneintra province simultaneous with a massive offensive of the al-Nusra Front (also known as Fatah al-Sham Front or the Levant Liberation Board).

The Israeli air force targeted the Syrian troops’ artillery unit in Eastern Samadaniyeh in the outskirts of Quneitra city.

Reports say artillery fire plays a major role in pushing the terrorists back from the region.

A prominent Syrian military and strategic expert described Israel as an accomplice of the terrorists in Syria, warning that Tel Aviv intends to create a buffer zone in the Arab country.

Yahya Soleiman said that by attacking the Syrian army positions in the Golan Heights, Israel sent this message that it will never leave the terrorist groups and will defend them to the end.

“There are decisive ties between Israel and terrorists to set up a buffer zone in the Golan like Antoine Lahad region in Southern Lebanon – whose creation plot failed – and this time the situation will be repeated in Syria,” he added.

“Whatever happens in Syria is in line with meeting Israel’s interests, destroying Syria and weakening the powers standing beside Damascus,” Soleiman said.

Noting that Tel Aviv is well aware of the positions of the terrorists’ missile launch pads and knows that none of them is due to hit Israel, he said the regime is seeking to find a pretext to provoke the militants to target the Syrian army forces and this has several times happened.

“The Israeli side has violated the ceasefire plan and kicked out the UN forces to move freely beside the terrorists. We witness how the Israeli convoys move along the borders and transfer the terrorists from Syria to the occupied territories,” Soleiman said.

Stressing that Russia knows the realities in Syria, he said Moscow has tried to force the American side to participate in the peace process in Syria but the US has led all efforts to failure.

Military sources confirmed on Monday that the Israeli Air Force, for the second time in a row, targeted the Syrian Army troop’s strongholds in the Southern province of Quneitra.

The sources said that the terrorist groups’ mortar units shelled the Golan Heights at Syria’s border with Israel, and the Israeli fighter jets also bombed the Syrian army centers in Quneitra.

The Arabic-language Elam al-Harbi said the mortar units of al-Nusra Front opened fire at Israeli positons in occupied Golan Heights in order to give the needed pretext to the Israeli forces to attack the Syrian army.

Al-Mayadeen news network, meantime, reported that Israeli warplanes targeted a Syrian army vehicle.

Media sources said on Sunday that the Israeli fighter jets attacked the Syrian government forces’ tanks and artillery positions South-West of the war-hit country.

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