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Iraqi Army hours from historic victory in Mosul after mopping up last ISIS pockets

1 July 2017 12:10


Ferocious clashes continued in the Old City of Mosul on Friday after the Iraqi Army launched a massive offensive into the remaining ISIS-held pockets, advancing on three axis at the same time.

Thrusting deep into the interior ISIS lines, the Rapid Response Division, Counter Terrorism Units and elements of the 9th Division captured the Prophet Jirjis residential area and Al-Shaareen market place in the morning hours.

Later around noon, the Iraqi Federal Police imposed full control over the ‘2nd Al-Farouq’ quarter after engaging demoralized and in some cases starving ISIS insurgents.

Amid the latest advances, a number of ISIS suicide bombers blew themselves up without even trying to take Iraqi troops with them, thereby signifying the apparent hopelessness among many beleaguered Islamic State fighters.

Furthermore, the Iraqi Federal Police captured Islamic State battalion commander Jazaa Dabas Rawi alive, a jihadist warlord originating from Saladin province. He is believed to be the commander-in-chief of the collapsing ISIS garrison.

Although skirmishes are still taking place in Iraq’s second largest city as we speak, a number of high-ranking commanders hoisted the Iraqi flag above the newly liberated Al-Nouri mosque in celebration of the imminent victory.

 After eight months of grinding urban warfare, the Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abadi declared the group’s self-styled caliphate at an end on Thursday.
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