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Syria in Last 24 Hours: Army Destroys Terrorists’ Defense Lines in Damascus Province

1 July 2017 14:19

The Syrian army destroyed the defense lines of the ISIL terrorists in Damascus province.

The army units backed by the popular forces inflicted heavy losses on the militants in Damascus province, killing scores of militants and injuring many more in heavy clashes.

The Syrian army and popular forces also hit hard the military positions of the terrorists in other key provinces across Syria.


The Syrian Army troops continued to storm terrorists’ defense lines in Eastern Ghouta and managed to seize several building blocks after inflicting major casualties on the terrorists.

The army soldiers engaged in fierce clashes with the terrorists West of Wadi (desert) Ein Terma and captured al-Sonbol petrol station and several building complexes.

A number of terrorists were killed or wounded in the attack.

A field sources said on Thursday the army imposed control over all the tunnels that were once used by the terrorists in Eastern Damascus, adding that the first stage of their operations in the region was complete.

The source said that the army completed an important part of its goals by capturing the town of Ein Terma and “all the tunnels dug by the terrorists on the basis of Israeli plans and designs”.

“Meantime, the Syrian army intends to separate the towns of Jobar, Zmalka and Ein Terma from each other and advance inside the districts in Eastern Damascus in a way that the terrorists are left with no other option but retreating towards the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus,” he added.

The source also said that the army has demolished the terrorists’ bases, 4 operations rooms and several other targets, including a number of arms and ammunition depots as well as the logistics sent from Harmaleh passageway to the militants, in artillery and missile attacks against the terrorists’ bases and positions in the towns of Ein Terma, Jobar and Zmalka.


The Syrian Army troops continued cleansing operations South-East of Aleppo and pushed ISIL back from more territories along the road to Hama province.

The army men carried out a fresh round of mop-up operation along the road that connects the town of al-Rasafeh to the town of Ithriya in Northeastern Hama and managed to take control over the villages of Khirbet Qasr al-Matyah and Jabal Aqroub Zaro.

The Syrian pro-government forces further deployed 15km away from their comrades in Ithriya.

Relevant reports said that the army troops conducted military operations against the last remaining ISIL stronghold in Aleppo province that is represented by a belt of fortified villages buried in a mountainous semi-desert landscape to the Northeast of the strategic town of Khanasser.

The army soldiers could retake control of the town of al-Jadideh in the Eastern parts of Khanasser.

They also continued operations in the Northeastern parts of Khanasser, recapturing the towns of Rasm Askar, Al Atshaneh and Sharimeh.

The army troops, meantime, won back control of three strategic hills in the region.


The Syrian Army’s mortar units opened heavy fire at terrorists’ stronghold in Northern Homs after the latter pounced residential areas in a village.

The army’s mortar units targeted terrorists’ positions in al-Qantou area in Talbiseh region and inflicted major losses on them after the terrorists shelled residential areas in the village of al-Ashrafiyeh.

A number of terrorists were killed and several more were wounded in the exchange of fire.

Deir Ezzur

The Syrian Army’s artillery and missile units shelled ISIL’s concentration centers and movements in the Southern and Southwestern outskirts of Deir Ezzur city, killing 11 terrorists and wounding several more.

The artillery and missile units targeted ISIL’s strongholds in al-Tanmiyeh county around Panorama base, killing 11 and wounding a dozen more.

The artillery units, meantime, pounded ISIL’s strongholds near Panorama base, Airport and the village of al-Baqaliyeh and al-Huweiqa neighborhood.


The Syrian Army soldiers fended off terrorists’ large-scale attack in Southwestern Hama after inflicting a number of casualties on them.

The army men engaged in heavy fighting with terrorists in the villages of Qurmus and warded off their attack, inflicting major losses on the militants.

In the meantime, the terrorists carried out missile attacks on residential areas in the town of Salhab in Western Hama, forcing the army to target militants’ position North of Deir Sonbol.

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