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Rebel Israeli-backed offensive ultimately fails as Syrian Army recaptures all territory

2 July 2017 17:23


Backed by the local National Defense Forces (NDF), the Syrian Army managed to recapture the quarries area west of Ba’ath City in Quneitra province captured earlier by the jihadist Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham during their five-day offensive on the government stronghold.

Though supported by several Israeli airstrikes in Syria’s southern province, the jihadist forces of the Jaish Muhammad operation room have been pushed back from all territories they advanced into around Ba’ath City. At least 5 militants were confirmed killed as a result of the counterattack that had the government forces recapture the quarries while the bodies of 6 Syrian soldiers killed in the clashes 4 days ago were retrieved.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Air Force launched its fourth airstrike against the SAA earlier today when it targeted a Syrian Army artillery position in the 5th Regiment Base located in the nearby Nabe’ Al-Fowar area destroying a field gun and inflicting no casualties.

It is significant to note that rebel media outlets have admitted the failure of the Quneitra offensive blaming the shortcoming on the lack of effective coordination between the factions participating in the operation.
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