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Syrian Army seizes israeli equipment supplied to Al-Qaeda in the Golan Heights

3 July 2017 15:00


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) foiled another major assault by the Al-Qaeda linked rebels in the Golan Heights this past weekend, seizing a large cache of equipment supplied by Israel in the process.

According to the Golani Regiment of the National Defense Forces (NDF), the Syrian Arab Army seized Israeli supplied medical kits and weapons that belonged to the Al-Qaeda linked “Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham” militant group near the town of Hamadiyah on Sunday.

Israeli medical kit seized in the Golan Heights

The Israeli military has been aiding the jihadist rebels in the Golan Heights with their constant airstrikes on the Syrian Arab Army’s positions near the city of Al-Ba’ath.

As a result of these Israeli airstrikes, the jihadist rebels have used these airborne attacks to storm the Syrian Army’s defenses and breach their front-lines at Al-Ba’ath City.

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