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Syria in Last 24 Hours: Army Inflicts Heavy Losses on ISIL Terrorists in Hama Province

4 July 2017 16:00


The Syrian army hit hard the terrorists’ military positions and hardware in Eastern Hama province.

The terrorists in Hama province sustained heavy losses in tough battle with the Syrian army.

Meantime, the Syrian army and popular forces continued their military advances in other parts of Syria, including Deir Ezzur and Aleppo, over the past 24 hours.

Tens of terrorists were killed and dozens more were injured during the Syrian army’s operations in Syria’s key provinces.


The Syrian Army troops, backed up by the Russian Air Force, continued their anti-ISIL operation in Eastern Hama and managed to advance against terrorists near the newly-liberated regions, field sources reported.

The sources said that after capturing Shahed 9 and 10 regions, the army troops, supported by the Russian army aircraft, advanced in the Eastern part of the town of Sheikh Hilal in Eastern Hama, forcing ISIL to retreat from its positions in the region.

In the meantime, the Syrian Defense Ministry released a video of the army’s Special Forces of Desert Hawks, backed up by the Russian Mi-28 choppers known as Night Hunters and T72 and T90 tanks, while attacking terrorists’ defense lines near the town of al-Salamiyah.

The video showed that the pro-government forces take control of several positions and building that were under terrorists’ control.

Deir Ezzur

The Syrian Army troops engaged in fierce clashes with the ISIL in Western Deir Ezzur and fended off terrorists attack.

The army men engaged in fierce clashes with ISIL terrorists that had attacked their positions in Tal (hill) Um Aboud in Southwestern Deir Ezzur and repelled their attack.

ISIL suffered heavy casualties in the failed offensive.

In the meantime, the army artillery units shelled ISIL’s positions heavily in Panorama base, Panorama bridge, power company, Tamin Brigade base, the neighborhoods of al-Omal and Huweija Sakar and the village of al-Baqaliyeh, destroying a number of their positions and killing or wounding several of them.

Field sources reported that the Russian fighter jets pounded ISIL’s strongholds in the neighborhoods of al-Huweiqa and al-Kanamat inside Deir Ezzur and the villages of al-Hosseiniyeh in the Eastern countryside and al-Salehiyeh South-East of Deir Ezzur city.

The sources said that the Syrian Air Force carried out several combat sorties over the positions and movements of the ISIL in the neighborhoods of al-Orfi, al-Kanamat, al-Huweiqa, al-Halbiyeh square inside Deir Ezzur city and near the Regiment 137 base, al-Iman petrol station West of Deir Ezzur, al-Jafrah passageway in Southeastern Deir Ezzur and in the village of al-Hosseiniyeh East of the city, destroying several military vehicles.


The Syrian army forces seized a large volume of Israeli military and medical equipment, while carrying out cleansing operation in the positions seized from the Al-Nusra Front (also known as Fatah al-Sham Front or the Levant Liberation Board) in the Golan Heights in Southern Quneitra, a military source confirmed.

The source said that the army soldiers that had repelled repeated attacks of Al-Nusra Front on their positions in Southern Quneitra, carried out a rapid counter-attack and managed to advance against the terrorist group.

The army further seized Israeli supplied medical kits and weapons in the positions of Tahrir al-Sham Hay’at (the Levant Liberation Board) near the town of Hamidiyeh on Sunday, the sources went on to say.

The source further added that the Israeli air and ground forces have been supporting the Takfiri terrorists in the Golan Heights near the city of Al-Ba’ath.


The Syrian Army troops ended the first phase of their operation to restore security to a major number of roads leading to Aleppo and are preparing for a next stage to reopen other roads and highways that connect Aleppo to Raqqa and Hama provinces.

Field sources pointed to restoring security to the road between the town of Khanasser in Aleppo and Ithriya in Hama, and said that the achievement restored security to a long chunk of Aleppo road that was under ISIL threat for the last four years.

The sources added that, in the meantime, the army is to kick off a second phase of its operation along the road towards Aqayrabat in Eastern Hama to end ISIL’s presence in the Eastern direction of al-Salamiyah-Ithriya-Khanasser.

In the meantime, the ground is expected to be paved for a part of army forces deployed in the Western direction of Khanasser-Ithriya road to leave their positions for other battlefields in Raqqa province to move from the town of al-Rasafeh towards the town of al-Sukhnah in Eastern Homs to join the pro-government forces’ operation to lift ISIL’s siege on Deir Ezzur city.

The sources further added that termination of the second phase of Aleppo road security will link again Aleppo to Hama and Raqqa provinces and will open new supply lines to the Southwestern territories of Raqqa province.

It seems that following the recent military achievements, the army intends to accelerate its advances in Badiyeh (desert) from three main flanks to reach the pro-government forces in Deir Ezzur province.

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