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Iran’s IRGC: Saudi Terrorist State

5 July 2017 14:39


The head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corp on Tuesday described Saudi Arabia as a “terrorist state,” stressing that the Islamic Republic was after promoting peace in the region.

In a speech at an IRGC meeting in Tehran, Major General Mohammad-Ali Jafari highlighted on Tuesday the threat from Saudi Arabia.

“Today, the Saudis are becoming a terrorist state in the region,” Jafari said, as he announced his position had been extended for three years.

Ali Jafari said Iran has successfully worked to bring about “collective security in the region through concentration on Islamic unity and the interests of regional nations.”

“Today, the enemy cannot but acknowledge this success and try to adjust itself to Iran’s frameworks,” said the senior military official.

Jafari further praised the Islamic Republic’s “superior power” in the region as a “valuable asset” for the country and said “this currently serves one of the most important security-building factors” for the Iranian nation.

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