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Venezuela attorney general ignores court summon

5 July 2017 14:28


Venezuela’s Attorney General Luisa Ortega Diaz has refused to appear at a court for a hearing on alleged abuse of power and failure to carry out her duties due to “insanity.”

Ortega had been summoned to appear before the government-allied Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) on Tuesday.

She announced she was boycotting the Supreme Court hearing.

“I am not going to validate a circus that will stain our history with shame and pain,” she said at a news conference as the hearing was getting underway.

“I have committed no crime, nor errors, and I am not going to submit to this unconstitutional and illegitimate court,” she added.

The judiciary official acknowledged that her defiance would result in her dismissal from office.

Ortega was an ally of President Nicolas Maduro before she gradually grew critical of his policies amid rising unrest in the country. In April, she stood up against the government over a court ruling to strip the opposition-controlled parliament of its powers. She said at the time that the move was unconstitutional.

She has also opposed a Maduro decision to convene a constitutional assembly to rewrite the constitution in an attempt to quell anti-government activities.

Meanwhile, the TSJ judge, Maikel Moreno, reported on Tuesday that a ruling regarding Ortega would be announced in five days.

The court has already named a new deputy chief prosecutor to replace Ortega if she is dismissed.

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