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Commander of US-backed FSA terrorists group assassinated in al-Dumayr

7 July 2017 18:19


Two unknown assailants have assassinated Khaled Mahmoud Auziyah, a military commander of the Jaysh Asoud Al-Sharqiyah militant group, in the city of al-Dumayr.

The assassins carried-out their attack in public, opening up fire on the rebel commander, killing him instantly and fleeing the scene before being caught or identified.

Jaysh Asoud Al-Sharqoyah is a franchise militant group of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) meta-alliance. The rebel faction is supported by the United States.

The city of al-Dumayr is currently under the occupation of the FSA and Jaysh al-Islam, however a ceasefire with exists between both militant groups and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the area.

This assassination comes at a time of reports about intensified negotiations between the SAA and FSA in the eastern Qalamoun region in preparation for a large reconciliation agreement between the warring parties which might see the handing over of al-Dumayr city and the towns of Jeyroud and al-Rahaybeh (also under militant occupation) to the control of the Syrian government.

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