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President Massoum Dismisses Allegations about Iran’s Interference in Iraq’s Internal Affairs

7 July 2017 21:07


Iraqi President Fouad Massoum categorically dismissed certain rumors on Iran’s interference in his country’s internal affairs.

“We have good relations with Iran and the Islamic Republic does not interfere in our affairs,” the Arabic-language Okaz newspaper quoted President Massoum as saying on Thursday.

The Iraqi president reiterated that Iran has provided Iraq with humanitarian and military contributions since the start of Mosul liberation operations.

 “It has been our policy to not take unilateral stance against any other country in the region and what is important for us is Iraq’s internal conditions and restoration of security and stability to this country,” President Massoum added.

The Iraqi president underlined that his country is willing to develop friendly ties with Iran.

In relevant remarks in late June, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi stressed that his country will never be a place for animosity toward Iran after an Iraqi vice president made hostile statements against the Islamic Republic.

Abadi said that he would not allow Iraq to be turned into a battlefield between Iran and the US or the Iraqi soil to be used as a place for animosity against the Islamic Republic.

“If we are given the rule of the entire world and promised free reconstruction, we will not engage in hostility towards Iran,” he added.

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