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Zionist Institute Highlights Normalizing Entity’s Ties with Some So-called Arab Countries’ Rulers

8 July 2017 12:52


Zionist Tel Aviv Institute for National Security Studies has published a new study on the major structural difference between ‘Israel’ and the Arabs regarding their attitudes towards normalizing mutual ties.

The study says that ‘Israel’ considers that the intelligence, military and economic cooperation is very fruitful since it pushes towards approving its existence in the region, diminishes the international efforts to isolate it, release some of the pressures exerted on it to submit concessions in favor of the Palestinians, extends its international legitimacy through establishing official relations with major Arab countries, and opens the Arab markets for the Zionist products.

“The growing confluence of interests, strategic rapprochement, and quiet cooperation between Israel and many Arab states is genuine. Israel is now far from the primary security priority of most Arab leaders, who share Israel’s deep concerns about Iran, Islamist extremism, and regional instability.”

Attempts to involve the wider Arab region in efforts to advance Israeli-Palestinian “peace” are not new, the study added.

Some Arab leaders secretly acknowledge that ‘Israel’ does not represent a threat to them, according to the study.

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