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Police Chief Discloses Terrorists’ Failed Plot to Shoot Down Iranian Commanders’ Chopper

9 July 2017 15:43


Jeish al-Adl terrorist group had planned to shoot down a helicopter carrying Iranian officials and military commanders at bordering areas in Southeastern Iran, but the Iranian police discovered and foiled their plot, a police commander disclosed on Sunday.

Police Commander of Sistan and Balouchestan province Brigadier General Hossein Rahimi made the remarks on Sunday after his forces in Southeastern Iran discovered and seized a large cache of weapons and an anti-aircraft cannon belonging to Jeish al-Adl terrorist group on Thursday night.

Noting that the terrorists intended to launch a massive ground and ground-to-air assault against the Iranian border guards, he said, “They planned to use the anti-aircraft cannon to shoot down the helicopters which carry the commanders and officials to the bordering areas but they failed.”

General Rahimi added that after the Iranian police forces discovered and seized Jeish al-Adl arms depot, the terrorists fled to Pakistan.

On Saturday, General Rahimi had announced seizing the terrorists’ arms depot, and said, “The cargo, which was discovered through complicated intelligence operations using a Law Enforcement Police agent among Jeish al-Zolm (Corps of Cruelty as Jeish al-Adl terrorist group is called in Iran), includes 35 Kalashnikov weapons, 4.5-mm anti-aircraft cannon with a 7-km range, tens of bullets, two SPG9 heavy weapons and a large amount of ammunitions.”

He added that the arms cache was discovered in the heights of Kouh Sefid region near the town of Saravan in Southeastern Iran.

In a relevant development last month, Commander of Iran’s Border Guards Brigadier General Qassem Rezayee announced that his forces have arrested a number of Jeish al-Adl terrorists in the Southeastern and Northwestern parts of the country, among them two terrorists involved in killing 8 Iranian border guards 2 years ago.

“The two terrorists are affiliated to Jeish al-Zolm (al-Adl) terrorist group and were arrested in a region in Southern Sistan and Balouchetan province in the Southeastern parts of the country,” General Rezayee said.

He added that the two terrorists played a major role in killing 8 Iranian border guards two years ago and abducting 5 others, one of whom was later killed in Pakistan.

Jeish al-Adl terrorist group claimed responsibility for the death of 8 Iranian border guards in the Southeastern province of Sistan and Baluchestan near the border with Pakistan in April 2015.

Jeish al-Adl claimed on its tweeter page that its members had attacked the cars carrying the Iranian border guards in the Southeastern town of Negur and killed 8 of them when clashes broke out as they were trying to cross the Iranian border from neighboring Pakistan.

The terrorist group also claimed that none of its members have been wounded or killed during the clashes, while the Iranian officials had earlier announced the death of three terrorists during the attack.

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