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Datis Khodro brings Volvo after-sale services to Iran

11 July 2017 13:32


Datis Khodro Company, exclusive representative of Heico Sportiv cars in Iran, will soon offer extensive after-sale services for Volvo automobiles in the country.

Despite long presence of Volvo in the Iranian market, receiving standard aftermarket services had always remained a big concern for owners of the Swedish automobile. Recently, Datis Khodro Company has developed and extended after-sale services for these products from which Volvo car drivers can benefit.

Milad Alinaghi, CEO of Datis Holding, pointed to arrival of Volvo luxury cars in Iran saying “Datis Khodro, as the exclusive representative Heico Sportiv, will import, sell and provide after-sale services for Volvo cars in Iran.

Heico Sportiv is a Swedish-German product which will soon enter the Iranian market to meet requirements of customers who are looking for a luxury, safe and affordable car.

Head of Datis Khodro reported on extension of after-sale services of the German-Swedish car reiterating that necessary infrastructure has been prepared for development and standardization of these services; “Datis Khodro will offer standard services to buyers of Heico Sportiv and owners of Volvo cars in Iran by employing technicians who received training in Germany and Sweden, applying world-class equipment and proper management.”

Alinaghii also reported on direct cooperation with Sweden’s Volvo Car manufacturer for providing major spare parts, software and hardware needed for repairing vehicles and training of personnel. He stated that Volvo’s after-sales service and maintenance network will be soon launched in the country.

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