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Syria in Last 24 Hours: Army Destroys Terrorists’ Defense Lines in Damascus Province

12 July 2017 12:35


The Syrian army destroyed the defense lines of the ISIL terrorists in Damascus province.

The army units backed by the popular forces inflicted heavy losses on the militants in Damascus province, killing scores of militants and injuring many more in heavy clashes.

The Syrian army and popular forces also hit hard the military positions of the terrorists in other key provinces across Syria.


The Syrian Army troops continued to hit terrorists’ defense lines hard in Eastern Ghouta and managed to capture more positions towards the depth of Ein Terma region.

The army men engaged in fierce clashes with Al-Nusra Front (also known as Fatah al-Sham Front or the Levant Liberation Board) in Ein Terma-Jobar-Zmelka triangle, while the army’s artillery units pounded terrorists’ positions in the region heavily.

A military source, meantime, reported that the army has captured a warehouse and four houses in Ein Terma, adding that the army is now advancing towards the depth of Ein Terma.

The army units have also attacked terrorists’ defense lines in the meat-packing company.

The army soldiers, also, detonated a Konkurs missile Launchpad of Al-Nusra in one of the buildings of Ein Terma.


The Syrian Army troops continued their anti-ISIL operation in Eastern Homs and seized full control over al-Heil oilfield in the depth of Syria’s Badiyeh (desert) en route to the strategic town of al-Sukhnah, the last main stronghold of the terrorists before Deir Ezzur.

The army men, who had earlier imposed full control over al-Heil gas field, continued their operation along the road that connects the town of Araki to al-Sukhnah in the depth of Syria’s Badiyeh and drove ISIL out of al-Heil oilfield.

The army soldiers, meantime, managed to advance 2km in areas surrounding the al-Heil oilfield Northeast of the ancient city of Palmyra (Tadmur).

Reports said earlier on Tuesday that the army soldiers continued to hit the positions of ISIL in the Southern direction of the strategic town of al-Sukhnah and managed to seize control over the entire al-Heil field.

In the meantime, a military source said that the army has fortified its positions inside al-Heil field and kicked off a fresh round of attack on terrorists’ defense lines in the oil well in al-Heil field.

The sources further said that the army men managed to advance against militants around the Gas Power Plant.


The Syrian Army troops closed off all the supply lines of ISIL terrorists connecting al-Rasafeh region in Southwestern Raqqa to Ithriya region in Northeastern Hama.

The army men continued their anti-ISIL operation in Southwestern Raqqa and managed to capture the town of al-Rasafeh, its surroundings and 15 villages with over 1,500sq/km of area.

A military source confirmed that with over 1,500sq/km of area stretched from al-Rasafeh to Ithriya region in Eastern Hama, all the supply lines of ISIL connecting Raqqa to Hama have been cut off.

The source further added that the army units are to continue their operation to lay siege on the terrorists in the town of Aqayrabat and its nearby villages in the Eastern countryside of the town of al-Salamiyah.

Deir Ezzur

The Syrian Air Force targeted heavily a long military column of ISIL terrorists along Deir Ezzur-Raqqa road, destroying a number of vehicles and killing their crew.

The army aircraft launched heavy bombings on ISIL’s movements along Deir Ezzur-Raqqa road, destroying at least four heavy military vehicles and killing or wounding a number of terrorists.

The army’s artillery units, backed up by the country’s air force, targeted ISIL’s positions in Huweija Sakar in Eastern Deir Ezzur, killing and wounding several militants.

A military source, meantime, said that Abu Qa’aqa Albaniayee and Safouran al-Yaseen, two ISIL commanders, were killed in the army operation in the town of al-Mouhassan in Southeastern Deir Ezzur.

Also, the army units engaged in fierce clashes with ISIL in the Southwestern outskirts of Deir Ezzur, in the village of al-Baqaliyeh, Regiment 137 base, Panorama base and in al-Maqaber (cemetery) region, inflicting heavy casualties on the terrorists.

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