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Syria: More Family Members of Gunmen Return to Gov’t-Controlled Regions in Homs

12 July 2017 12:11


Over 600 family members of the gunmen that had not endorsed peace with the Syrian Army and left Homs for militant-held regions in Northern Aleppo returned to the Northwestern outskirts of Homs due to violent behavior of terrorists and awful living conditions.

630 family members of the gunmen that refused to join peace with the army in al-Wa’ar district and preferred to be relocated to the border town of Jarabulus that is under the Ankara-backed militants demanded coming back to al-Wa’er again due to the discrimination and violent behavior of the militants in the border town.

150 families of the gunmen left Jarabulus for al-Wa’er on 14 buses after concluding an agreement with the Syrian government.

In the meantime, Homs Governor General Talal al-Barazi said that 1,300 family members of the gunmen intend to return al-Wa’er again, adding that the group will be the fifth group of family members of gunmen that will return to al-Wa’er.

Relevant reports said on Tuesday that 200 family members of the gunmen that had not endorsed peace agreement with the Syrian Army and left al-Wa’er for the border town of Jarabulus in Northern Aleppo could not tolerate the terrible life conditions in the regions controlled by Ankara-backed militants and applied to get back to Homs.

The family members of the gunmen were transferred from Jarabulus to the town of Tadif and then returned to al-Wa’er district after government forces reviewed their applications.

In the meantime, al-Barazi said that hundreds more of the residents of al-Wa’er that had been relocated to Jarabulus applied for getting back to Homs, adding that a new group of the relocated gunmen and their family members will return to Homs soon.

The families of gunmen spoke of the tragic situation and inhumane behavior of the armed groups with the citizens in the camps, which lack even the lowest living standards in absence of all health services and public amenities.

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