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Pro-government forces destroy FSA base in Syria’s Badia, liberate 200 km2 of territory

13 July 2017 16:41


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and allied paramilitaries continue to advance against US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) mercenaries in Syria’s southwestern Badia region, capturing a new hilltop and expanding their zone of control over more desert territory.

Today pro-government forces advanced 21 kilometers east of the al-Makhfar al-Faransi area and Zuluf Dam, capturing the key hilltop of Tal Jareen and its surrounding area.

In total, the SAA and its allies liberated approximately 200 square kilometers of territory from FSA occupation as a result of their efforts for the day.

According to a military source exclusive to Al-Masdar News, the assault by pro-government forces today inflicted heavy casualties on FSA militants in the area who are said to have lost twenty men killed and wounded and 2 vehicles knocked-out. Furthermore, the US-vetted mercenaries also had one of their operation rooms destroyed by pro-government forces.

This most recent victory by the SAA and its allies in the country’s southwestern Badia is part of an ongoing operation to isolate and destroy a massive FSA salient that juts in the direction of Damascus and then expand pro-government control along the borders with Jordan and Iraq.

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