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PHOTOS: Iraqi forces capture dozens of ISIS armored car bombs in Mosul

15 July 2017 16:45


Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) continue to find all sorts of hidden surprises as they scout out and secure every corner of post-ISIS Mosul. Today, ISF troops found a massive ISIS base for the production of vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIED). Most alarmingly, Iraqi troops discovered literally dozens of ready-made armored VBIEDs which, had the battle for Mosul city lingered on any longer, would have undoubtedly have been used against them.

Despite the fact that the VBIEDs were found neatly lined up in an almost production line-like fashion, one crucial element was – to the fortune of ISF ordinance disposal teams – found to be missing from the vehicles: explosives.

The VBIEDs seized by the ISF appear to be of the latest generation design used by ISIS. The car bombs have welded-on armor plating that shields the vehicle – as much as possible – from incoming fire, giving a would-be jihadist suicide driver a better chance of reaching their target.

In most cases, the armored VBIEDs built by ISIS are generally given just enough shielding as to not over-stress the engine of the vehicle used but to still offer decent protection from a range of smalls arms, including heavy machine guns. Often anti-ISIS forces have to employ anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM), RPGs, field guns and tank cannons in order to destroy the armored car bomb.

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