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Syrian Army Makes Fresh Gains in Badiyeh Region Southeast of Damascus

15 July 2017 16:26


The Syrian army troops continued their anti-terrorism operation in the depth of Badiyeh (desert) and managed to impose control over several more regions.

The army forces deployed in Mount al-Jarin in Southeastern Damascus stormed terrorists’ positions and managed to advance 4km against the militants and reached the Um Ezn hill.

The army men took control over several positions and villages, including Rajm al-Aranb, Ba’ar Mahroutheh South of Mount Sis and Arz Jalayqam East of the same mountain and Abu Khashbeh dam West of the Sis.

The terrorists left behind a number of dead or injured members and retreated from the battlefield.

A military source, meantime, said that the army men are just  12km away from their comrades that are advancing against terrorists Southeast of al-Seen military airport after the recent advances in Badiyeh.

On Friday, the army, backed by friendly fighter jets, resumed advances in the Eastern suburbs of Damascus, recapturing several sites inside Ein Terma region.

Supported by the air force’s heavy airstrikes, the Syrian army’s 105th Brigade of the Republican Guard managed to capture the Ein Terma’s Meat Market and the surrounding buildings after fierce battle with Faylaq al-Rahman terrorists.

Meanwhile, another unit of the 105th Brigade, alongside the Palestine Liberation Army (PLA) and National Defense Forces (NDF), stormed the militant-held Tibeh District of Jobar in Northwest of Ein Terma, resulting in a series of clashes.

Fierce clashes were ongoing at several axes in Eastern Damascus as the Syrian army is trying to win the upper-hand in this important area near the capital.

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