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Syrian Army reopens former ISIL strongholds to the public

16 July 2017 22:23


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) announced on Sunday that the Deir Hafer and Maskanah plains have been reopened to the public after successfully clearing the areas of explosives.

The Deir Hafer Plain was liberated by the Syrian Arab Army’s Tiger Forces earlier this year, following the massive campaign to reach the Euphrates River and expel the Islamic State (ISIL) from the Khafsa Water Pumping Station.

Once the Deir Hafer Plain was liberated, the Syrian Arab Army set their sights on the Maskanah Plain, which links the Aleppo and Al-Raqqa governorates together.

Within two weeks, the Tiger Forces had liberated the Maskanah Plain and reached the Salamiyah-Raqqa Highway, clearing a massive Islamic State pocket in the area.

Since the Islamic State’s expulsion from these areas, the Syrian Arab Army has worked tirelessly with their Russian allies to clear Deir Hafer and Maskanah of mines and IEDs in order to allow residents to once again return.

The Syrian Government is now encouraging residents to return to their homes in both Maskanah and Deir Hafer, as these areas have been officially declared safe by the army.

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