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Missile capability non-negotiable: Iran Army

17 July 2017 16:59


Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces warned on Monday against designating Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guard Corps a terrorist organization, saying the country’s missile power is nonnegotiable.

New threats designed by arrogant powers and regional reactionaries and enemy’s intention to expose Iran to direct threats, make it necessary for Iran to exercise vigilance and be ready to foil plots, Major General Mohammad-Hossein Baqeri said during a meeting with commanders of the Iranian Ground Forces.

Iran, focusing on a progressive capacity-building strategy, has been able to defend its borders and establish strong security inside its borders , General Baqeri said.

He pointed to the south-west Asia, describing the region as the epicenter of world developments.

Due to the interference by arrogant powers, as well as Zionists plots and disloyalty of some unpopular governments, the region now is facing new conspiracies.

Baqeri also referred to new threats made against Iran by the US officials, saying the Iranian people are not going to allow others interfere in the country’s affairs and determine their fate.

The Iranian commander went on to say that US recent move to impose fresh sanctions on Iran and on the IRGC, is base o0n Washington’s miscalculations.

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