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Massive battle brewing as the Syrian Army closes on ISIL’s stronghold

18 July 2017 10:09


A massive battle is brewing in central Syria, as the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and their allies continue to surround the strategic city of Al-Sukhnah in eastern Homs.

With Syrian Army units pushing from two different axes, the Islamic State is being forced to fortify Al-Sukhnah and its surrounding gas fields in order to prevent the government units from overrunning this rough patch of desert terrain.

Despite being at the western outskirts of the city, the Syrian Arab Army’s 5th Corps and Hezbollah will not begin their assault until the Tiger Forces reach the northern axis of Al-Sukhnah.

At the rate the Tiger Forces are advancing in southern Al-Raqqa, their units could be at the northern edges of Al-Sukhnah within the next two weeks.

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