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Syria: Map update of battle for Deir Ezzor

18 July 2017 17:57


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has managed to once again advance in the eastern countryside of Palmyra after a fierce battle with the Islamic State (ISIL) terrorists near the key city of Al-Sukhnah.

Backed by Hezbollah and Liwaa Fatemiyoun, the Syrian Arab Army’s 5th Corps liberated nearly 2km of territory west of Al-Sukhnah, inflicting heavy damage on the Islamic State’s defenses before reaching the hills overlooking the city.

In order to apply more pressure on the Islamic State militants in Al-Sukhnah, another unit from the Syrian Arab Army’s 18th Tank Division pushed from the southern axis.

With the Tiger Forces quickly advancing south of Al-Raqqa, the battle for Al-Sukhnah could begin in the coming weeks, which spells trouble for the Islamic State as they find themselves surrounded from several flanks.


Source: AMN

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