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Zionist Regime Refuses to Remove Aqsa Metal Detectors, Restrict Old City Prayers

21 July 2017 13:01


Tensions were high in Al-Quds on Friday as Zionist forces barred Palestinian men under 50 from entering the Old City for Friday Muslim prayers.

The ban came after Israeli ministers decided not to order the removal of metal detectors erected at entrances to the Al-Aqsa holy mosque compound.

“Entry to the Old City and Temple Mount will be limited to men aged 50 and over. Women of all ages will be permitted,” an occupation police statement said, referring to the holy compound.

Palestinian and religious leaders were still calling on worshippers not to enter until they were removed.

Crowds gathered outside Al-Quds Old City found shops closed and streets around Damascus Gate — the entrance most heavily used by Palestinians — blocked.

A group of several hundred people, including Muslim leaders, marched towards the Lions Gate entrance to the mosque compound, but police informed them that only men over 50 would be allowed.

Crowds began chanting “Allahu Akbar” (God is Greatest) in protest.

Police later fired stun grenades toward the protesters around the Old City.

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