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Pro-Syria forces close in on strategic town in east Homs amid heavy ISIS losses

23 July 2017 17:24


With the Tiger Forces scything their way through ISIS in southern Raqqa Governonate and today unofficially entering into Deir Ezzor Governorate, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies in eastern Homs Governorate continue to roll back the terrorist group also.

Today the SAA – led by the 5th Assault Corps – and other pro-government combat outfits continued their operation towards the strategic town of al-Sukhnah liberating a number of important points and hilltops in the area northeast of the T-3 pumping station.

The advance resulted in the capture of around three squared kilometers of territory and has now put pro-government forces within striking distance of the al-Dabibat oil field.

On another axis, the SAA advanced 1.5 kilometers east of the al-Hayl energy complex (to the northeast of Palmyra).

The gains made today were part of a three-day operation which resulted in particularly high ISIS losses. At least 30 Islamic State terrorists were killed and another 20 plus injured as a result of the push on both axes. Essentially, the jihadist group suffered dead and wounded almost to the equivalent of two platoons worth of infantry on a single front over the course of several days.

The al-Dabibat oil field is a massive complex situated to the southwest of al-Sukhnah. The liberation of the area would give pro-government forces a large forward base from which to conduct the final assault on al-Sukhnah.

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