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Saudi Arabian oil refineries set on fire by longe-range Yemeni missile

23 July 2017 17:28


Late last night, Houthi-led forces launched a longe-range ballistic missile towards the western coast of Saudi Arabia.

Striking a couple of Saudi Arabia’s oil refineries in Yanbu province, the longe range-missile traveled some 1,100 kilometers undeterred by anti-aircraft defenses before hitting the oil-rich area, starting a large fire.

The type ‘Burkan-2’ missile caused Saudi firefighters to work through the night, but significant damage was already done by the initial impact, a source told Al-Masdar News.

The ordeal is retaliation by the Houthis whom have been targeted by Saudi warplanes since 2015 following a coalition intervention by Gulf countries opposed to their rule.

The Houthis have launched longe-range missile into Saudi Arabia on numerous occasions, usually striking military targets or industrial sectors to harm is economy.

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