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Courageous Yemeni Forces Announce New Stage: “Beyond Riyadh” Stage

24 July 2017 18:10


Rocketry Force in Yemeni army and popular committees announced the start of “Beyond Riyadh” stage, after targeting the refineries of Yanbu oil province in Saudi Arabia with long-range ballistic missile (BurkanH2).

The rocketry force confirmed in a statement on Sunday that the refineries in Saudi Arabia have become a military target and demanded that foreign companies should pack their bags and leave.

“Oil refineries have become a military target. Our advice to foreign companies working for the alliance to pack their bags and leave.”

It pointed out that the targeting of Yanbu refineries comes in response to the slaughter of prisoners by the forces loyal to the Saudi-led coalition in the directorate of western Taiz, warning the coalition against compromising the dignity of prisoners.

It stressed that its operations will “continue to escalate in response to continued aggression and siege,” according to the text of the statement.

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