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ISIL’s Arms Depot Destroyed in Syrian Army, Air Force Operations in Deir Ezzur; People Revolt Against Terrorists

27 July 2017 16:03


The Syrian army and air force in coordinated military operations against the ISIL destroyed an arms and ammunition depot, and inflicted heavy losses on the terrorists.

The Syrian army’s artillery and missile units targeted ISIL’s military positions in al-Baqliheh village in Western Deir Ezzur, destroying an arms depot and killing a large number of terrorists.

Meantime, other Syrian army units engaged in heavy clashes with terrorists in the cemetery region, surrounding areas of military airport and Regiment 137, killing and injuring several terrorists.

The Syrian air force also targeted ISIL’s positions in the surrounding areas of Panorama region and al-Tamin Brigade in Deir Ezzur province.

Meantime, local sources from Bu Kamal city reported that a group of people engaged in clashes with the terrorists which resulted in the injury of the militants.

Meantime, several youth torched ISIL’s information dissemination center in the village of Hatleh.

In a relevant development on Tuesday, the Syrian air force has carried out several combat flights over ISIL’s positions and movements in Deir Ezzur city and its countryside, destroying a military training camp.

The warplanes targeted ISIL’s concentration centers and movements in al-Kanamat neighborhood, Panorama base and in the village of Ma’adan Atiq in the Western countryside of Deir Ezzur, destroying a main military training camp and killing a number of terrorists including Mohammad Sakar al-Khamis, a field commander of ISIL.

In the meantime, the Syrian Army men engaged in heavy fighting with ISIL in around Deir Ezzur military air port, inflicting major casualties on the terrorists.

Meantime, local sources said that a number of ISIL terrorists, including a Saudi commander, were killed in popular uprising in Southeastern Deir Ezzur.

The sources said a group of residents in the towns of Hajin and al-Ba’akan stormed ISIL terrorists’ vehicles in the towns’ passageways.

At least nine terrorists were killed in bomb attack by people on three ISIL vehicles, the sources added.

The sources also said that Jeihan Abu Hamzeh, one of the emirs of ISIL that was responsible for procurement of arms and ammunition in Deir Ezzur’s airbase, was killed in the attack.

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