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Syrian Army launches potentially last attack on ISIL’s east Homs stronghold

29 July 2017 14:09


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has launched what is potentially their last attack on the Islamic State’s stronghold of Al-Sukhnah in the eastern countryside of Homs this morning.

Backed by heavy airstrikes from the Russian and Syrian air forces, the 5th Corps stormed the Islamic State’s last positions located at the western outskirts of Al-Sukhnah.

Using heavy artillery and tanks to penetrate the Islamic State’s well-fortified front-lines, the Syrian Arab Army’s 5th Corps is attempting to enter Al-Sukhnah before the end of the day.

Some local activists have begun claiming that the Islamic State has withdrawn most of their forces from Al-Sukhnah to the Deir Ezzor Governorate; however, this is still not confirmed.

What Al-Masdar can confirm at the moment is that the Syrian Arab Army is less than one kilometer away from Al-Sukhnah’s western gate.

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