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Syrian jet annihilates an entire ISIL force in east Hama

30 July 2017 11:20


Minutes ago, a Syrian jet carried out an imperative airstrike over the eastern countryside of the Hama Governorate, wiping out an entire Islamic State (ISIL) force near Salamiyah City.

According to local journalists in Salamiyah, the Islamic State force traveling in the eastern countryside of Salamiyah was comprised of at least 18 militants – all were killed by the Syrian airstrike.

With thousands of fighters deployed east of Salamiyah, the Syrian Air Force has stepped up their airstrikes over the Islamic State’s positions in the Hama Governorate.

A source in eastern Hama told Al-Masdar that this week alone, the Syrian Air Force has doubled their total amount of airstrikes over the Salamiyah countryside.

In the coming days, possibly hours, the Syrian Arab Army and their allies are expected to kick off their long-awaited offensive to expel the Islamic State from central Syria.

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