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Heroic Syrian journalist killed while reporting near ISIL front-lines

30 July 2017 18:46


Syrian journalist Khaled Al-Khatib was killed on Sunday afternoon while traveling to the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) front-lines in the eastern countryside of the Homs Governorate.

Khaled was traveling with his cameraman while on assignment with Russia Today, when his vehicle was struck by an anti-tank missile fired by the Islamic State (ISIL) near the town of Al-Baghiliyah in eastern Homs.

Born in Salamiyah City in 1992, Khaled worked as a freelance journalist for several years before starting his tenure with Russia Today in 2017.

Khaled was an only son, which made him exempt from military service; however, instead of remaining inactive, he chose to dedicate his life to reporting from the front-lines with the Syrian Army.

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