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Syrian Army Dispatches More Troops, Equipment to Eastern Homs

30 July 2017 16:15


 The Syrian Army sent hundreds of fresh forces and a large volume of military equipment to Eastern Homs to participate in an imminent large-scale operation to lift the siege on Deir Ezzur airport, a military source confirmed on Sunday.

The source said that tens of military convoys, carrying hundreds of army soldiers along with a large volume of military hardware have been dispatched to Palmyra’s countryside to join the government forces’ final phase of joint operation in Eastern Homs and Deir Ezzur.

The source further added that thousands of tribal fighters from the province of Raqqa, Hasaka, Homs and Hama have participated in the anti-ISIL operation.

The tribal fighters are assisting the army in the battlefields and meantime their geographical information about the region has been very useful for the army soldiers.

The source further added that hundreds of tribal combatants are taking part in anti-terrorism operations in the Southern territories of Raqqa province towards Homs and Deir Ezzur.

Reports said earlier today that the army men took control over several hills and heights overlooking the town of al-Sukhnah and managed to impose fire control over al-Sukhnah gas field, adding that the army soldiers are now just half a mile away from ISIL’s last stronghold in Homs, al-Sukhnah.

The source further said that the army intends to impose full control over areas surroundings al-Sukhnah and restore security to the town, adding that they are also to tighten siege on ISIL inside al-Sukhnah to prevent ISIL’s possible attacks on pro-government positions and later start the final phase of the liberation operation of al-Sukhnah.

The source further added that a large number of fresh army soldiers and more military equipment have been forwarded to al-Sukhnah in the last few days.

Al-Sukhnah is located at a crossroad linking Homs, Raqqa and Deir Ezzur along the Palmyra-Deir Ezzur highway, and the source said the army’s advance towards Deir Ezzur to lift ISIL’s siege on the Eastern city will be accelerated after taking back al-Sukhnah.

Also, field reports said that the ISIL terrorists have been fleeing al-Sukhnah toward Deir Ezzur following the army’s recent victories in region.

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